Signature Trust Fund
Value Equity Fund
Best Balanced Fund
**in Philippine Peso

Executive Committee
a. Lucio L. Co (Chairman)
b. Eric O. Recto (Vice Chairman)
c. Leonardo B. Dayao (Vice Chairman)
d. Patricia May T. Siy
e. Bunsit Carlos G. Chung
f. Carmen G. Huang
g. Ralph C. Nubla, Jr.

Download the Executive Committee Charter

Audit Committee
a. Emmanuel Y. Mendoza (Chairman/Independent Director)
b. Bunsit Carlos G. Chung
c. Levi B. Labra (Independent)
d. Gilda E. Pico (Independent)

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Governance Committee
a. Roberto Z. Lorayes (Chairman/Independent Director)
b. Eric O. Recto
c. Leonardo B. Dayao
d. David L. Balangue (Independent)
e. Gilda E. Pico (Independent)
The Governance Committee also serves as the Bank’s Nominations Committee, Compensation and Remuneration Committee and Performance Evaluation Committee.

Download the Governance Committee Charter

Risk Oversight Committee
a. David L. Balangue (Chairman/Independent Director)
b. Jesus S. Jalandoni, Jr. (Independent)
c. Bunsit Carlos G. Chung
d. Levi B. Labra
e. Patricia May T. Siy

Download the Risk Oversight Committee Charter

Trust Committee
a. Eric O. Recto (Chairman)
b. Patricia May T. Siy
c. Jesus S. Jalandoni, Jr. (Independent)
d. Roberto Z. Lorayes (Independent)
e. Trust Officer

Download the Trust Committee Charter

Related Party Transactions Committee
a. David L. Balangue (Independent)
b. Jesus S. Jalandoni, Jr. (Independent)
c. Gilda E. Pico
d. Levi B. Labra

Download the Related Party Transactions Committee Charter