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Deposit Pick-up Service

A collection service that covers movement of cash and other negotiable instruments from your office to PBCOM in an efficient and secured manner.


  • Same-day credit. Cash deposits collected from your office shall be credited to your collection account on the same day.

  • Provision of paraphernalia. The duffel bag/s for the service and the corresponding lock and keys shall be provided by PBCOM.

  • Pre-arranged schedule. Collection sites to be serviced as well as the frequency of collection per site shall be pre-arranged to avoid disruption of regular operation.


  • Convenience. No need to go to PBCOM to deposit or withdraw large funds.

  • Safety. A special collection bag equipped with padlock shall be made just for the client free of charge. Client’s representative and PBCOM’s Cash Center shall control the key to this bag.

  • Security. No more worries! Cash normally kept in the client’s vault and/or checks hidden in their drawers will be picked up from your office and transported to PBCOM.

Check Warehousing Facility

A custodianship service whereby client’s Post Dated Checks are kept with PBCOM for safekeeping, monitoring and crediting to your deposit account upon maturity.


The service makes use of PBCOM’s Post Dated Check Warehousing System that automatically tracks maturing checks for a period of time.

Timely Credit. Maturing checks for the day are automatically credited to your designated collection account.

Easy Tracking. Your company will be provided with a regular report that will show all maturing checks for the day for easy track of collection. Time and money spent in tracking and recording client’s inventory of PDCs are eliminated.


  • Convenience. No need to go to the bank to deposit the checks each time they fall due for posting.

  • Flexibility. You have the option to hold or cancel checks due for crediting to the account.

  • Security and Control. Checks are in PBCOM’s custody and will be immediately credited to your account on posting due date.