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Cash Card

The PBCOM Corporate Cash Card offers a simple solution for your company’s disbursement needs, whatever size your business may be.

It provides
- A quick and easy way to pay out employees’ salaries, commissions & sales incentives
- An efficient mode to disburse loan proceeds
- A cost-effective & streamlined solution for recurring payouts & reimbursements
- A means to monitor & manage employee per diem as well as travel & expense allowances

  • Choice to issue pre-embossed or personalized cards
  • Option to co-brand or choose a card design
  • Able to transact using BancNet and MasterCard channels
  • Regular reports to track crediting and balances of issued cards
  • Cards are valid for 3 years and may be renewed upon expiry


  • Save valuable time through faster crediting of your Company’s payouts or remittances
  • Secure and control access to your employee or customer information with our centralized card management system
  • Issue cards without any hassle using an easier application process



ATM FEES Inquiry Withdrawal
PBCOM ATMs Free Free
Bancnet/Megalink ATMs Php 1.00 Php 10.00
MasterCard ATMs abroad US$ 1.00 US$ 3.50


Request for new PIN Php 10.00 per issuance
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee Php 400.00
Dispute Handling Fee Php 1000.00
International Transaction Fee 3% of the total transaction amount


For a more detailed discussion of your corporate needs, send us an email and a relationship manager will get in touch with you.

Already have a Cash Card and want to know more about what it can do for you? Please read our FAQs or visit our Promotions page.

The PBCOM Cash Card is not considered as a deposit product, therefore any balance stored on the card does not earn interest and is not insured by Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Check Writing Facility

PBCOM can handle the preparation and disbursement of checks on your behalf.
Choose from any of the following service arrangements:

  • PBCOM handles the check preparation only.
  • PBCOM handles the check preparation as well as the release of checks to the Payees


A Check Data Entry Program (CDEP) will be installed at your office to facilitate the encoding of the details to be printed on the checks


PBCOM prepares your corporate checks and releases them to your payees through the accessibility of PBCOM branches.


  • Electronic check preparation. Checks to be used will be customized commercial checks.
  • Designated disbursement account. Manage funds by setting up its own disbursement account representing the total amount of checks issued. Settlement account shall not be subject to a minimum maintaining balance, non-interest bearing account.


  • Automated end-to-end disbursement process including tedious task of manual check preparation and disbursement.
  • Increase efficiency and convenience due to reduction of error and rework
  • Control over business and processes from monitoring, reconciliation and ready provision of reports