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Specific Conditions for Quick Cash ATM and PBCOM Debit Cards

39. Issuance: The Bank may issue a QuickCash ATM (hereinafter referred to as the “ATM Card”) or PBCOM Debit Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Debit Card”) at the Bank’s sole discretion. The issue and use of the ATM Card and the Debit Card shall be subject to existing laws, rules and regulations, as may be in force from time to time. The cardholder shall be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted these Terms and Conditions by signing the ATM/DEBIT Card Application Form, by signing on the reverse of the ATM/Debit Card, or performing a transaction with the ATM/Debit Card. The cardholder will also continue to remain bound by the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank.

40. Card Ownership: When issued, the ATM/Debit Card must be signed immediately upon receipt. It is non-transferable and is for the cardholder’s exclusive use. It is acknowledged that the ATM/Debit Card shall remain the Bank’s property and may be cancelled or retained by the Bank at its sole discretion without prior notice. .

41. Personal Identification Number (PIN): It is acknowledged that the PIN is strictly confidential and the cardholder should not under any circumstance disclose the PIN to any other person. All transactions entailing the use of the PIN shall, at all times, and in all circumstances, be conclusively binding. The PIN mailer should be claimed by the cardholder from the Branch, but the Bank may exercise at its discretion the option to deliver the PIN through mail.

42. Transactions: The ATM/Debit Card is for electronic use only. Any usage other than through an electronic terminal will be deemed unauthorized and the cardholder shall be held responsible for such transactions.

The cardholder must not permit any other person to use the ATM/Debit Card and should safeguard it from misuse. The cardholder accepts full responsibility for all transactions made by the use of the ATM/DebitCard, at all times and in all circumstances, with or without his/her knowledge or authority. The cardholder accepts the Bank’s record of these transactions as conclusive and binding in all respects.

The Bank reserves the right to impose and change the maximum limit per day for all types of transactions regardless of the sufficiency of the balance in the deposit accounts.

Debit cards may be transacted internationally through the MasterCard network. These transactions are also subject to the rules, regulations and laws of the country where the transactions were made.
Withdrawals within and outside the Philippines are subject to charges and will be debited from the Account at point of withdrawals. All international ATM withdrawals shall be in the currency permitted by the institution which owns the ATM.

For all international transactions, the amount will be converted to its Peso equivalent based on the exchange rate set by the Bank. The Bank may also impose a fee for international transactions.

The Account shall be debited with the amount of transactions effected by the use of the ATM/Debit Card. Hence, the cardholder authorizes the Bank and any of its employees, representatives and authorized third parties to effect any adjustment, correction or reversal on pre-authorized, misposted or erroneous transactions without the Bank incurring any liability.

The Bank will not be held responsible should a merchant establishment refuse to accept the ATM/Debit Card. If the cardholder is entitled to a refund or rebate for a purchase in part or in whole with the ATM/Debit Card, the cardholder agrees to seek a refund or rebate only from the merchant establishment.

43. Disputes: For disputes arising out of erroneous transactions or if the cash dispensed by the ATM is incorrect, the cardholder shall report the same immediately to the Bank’s Customer Care by calling (632) 777-2266 or Domestic Toll Free at 1-800-1077-7226 or via email at

MasterCard related disputes where the supporting documents are provided by the cardholder beyond sixty (60) calendar days from transaction date shall not be entertained due to strict implementation of MasterCard timeframe and international rules.

44. Earmarking/Holding of funds: The Bank may earmark and hold the available balance of the deposit accounts for inward clearing checks received prior to their posting/recording in the accounts. The Bank may return unpaid any clearing check to the presenting bank in the event that the account balance will not be sufficient at the time of posting

The Bank may also hold the available balance of deposit accounts for MasterCard related transactions upon authorization of the transaction. The cardholder authorizes the Bank and any of its employees, representatives and authorized third parties to effect any adjustment, correction or reversal on these MasterCard transactions without the Bank incurring any liability.

45. Fund transfer: Any transfer of funds using the ATM/Debit Card shall be considered final and binding on the accountholder once the system has successfully executed the instruction/transaction. PBCOM may withdraw temporarily or terminate all funds transfer facilities for all types of transactions at its sole discretion.

46. Bills payment: When accepting bills payments, the Bank merely acts as a conduit between the Payee of the bill and the cardholder. As such, the Bank shall not be answerable for errors made by the cardholder.

47. ATM Service Availability: The ATM shall be open 24 hours daily, except during service time. The Bank, however, may restrict the use of the ATM when the Bank is off-line and /or for such other unforeseen events and emergencies which render the ATM inoperative.

48. Disclosure of Information: The cardholder consents to the collection, storage and communications of all data relating to the ATM/Debit Card and authorizes the Bank to assign or outsource certain aspects of its operations to third party service providers at its sole discretion and to disclose details of the Accounts and the accountholder(s) to such third party providers. The Bank also reserves the right to report to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas any withdrawals or payments effected using the ATM/Debit Card.

Fees: The Bank may impose fees and charges for issuance and usage of the ATM/Debit Card. These fees and charges may be changed from time to time at the Bank’s sole discretion. Any and all fees and charges incurred by the ATM/Debit Card shall be debited immediately from the cardholder’s account. The cardholder will refer to the Bank’s website for the complete list of fees and charges.

49. Card expiration and renewal: PBCOM Debit Cards are valid up to 10 (ten years) from the date of issuance or up to the last day of the validity month indicated on the face of the Card. QuickCash ATM card is not subject to expiry, but will no longer be usable beginning January 1, 2017.

50. Lost/Stolen Cards: In the event of loss or theft of the ATM/Debit Card, the cardholder shall immediately report the same by calling the Bank’s Customer Care Hotline at (632) 777-2266 or Domestic Toll Free at 1-800-1077-72266. Prior to the receipt and acceptance by the Bank of said notification, all transactions generated by the use of the ATM/Debit Card shall be conclusively binding on the cardholder.

51. Retention of Card: The Bank will retain the ATM/Debit Card for any of the following reasons: a) when the Bank has terminated the arrangement; b) when the ATM/Debit Card has been reported lost or stolen; and c) when there is failure to retrieve the ATM/Debit Card at the end of the transaction within the allotted time set in the ATM machine. Except for reason a), the Bank may reissue the same ATM/Debit Card if requested but subject to the conditions the Bank may impose, if any.

52. Replacement of Card: The issuance of replacement ATM/Debit cards shall be subject to the Bank’s prior approval and the payment of related charges.

53. Cooling Off period: The Bank gives a cooling off period of 2 banking days for the ATM/Debit Card. Should the cardholder decide to cancel their request for the card within the cooling off period, the cardholder consents to be charged a processing fee by the Bank.

54. Termination: the cardholder should return the ATM/Debit Card immediately and unconditionally to the Bank for cancellation in the event that he/she decides to terminate the use of the ATM/Debit Card or if the Bank at its discretion, decides to withdraw the ATM/Debit Card for any reason whatsoever.

55. Suspension of privileges: The Bank reserves the right to cancel or withdraw at any time, without any prior notice or to renew at its discretion, the ATM/Debit Card or any of the other services offered at any time.

56. Indemnification: It is further agreed that the cardholder undertakes to indemnify and free the Bank from any losses, claims, damages, liabilities, fees, expenses, and such other analogous charges arising from disclosing the PIN to others, mechanical defect or malfunction of ATMs or other channels, the ATM/Debit Card not being honored, bills payments/disagreement between the Payee and the cardholder, disputes arising from erroneous transactions or incorrect cash dispense, disclosure of information to third party service providers or BSP, lost or stolen cards, cancellation of the card and other such activities.