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A browser-based facility that is made available to the bank’s corporate client to electronically transmit and remit the monthly contribution and loan repayment of employees to SSS.

Employees’ contributions and loan re-payments will be posted within a matter of days from transaction date, thus allowing faster processing of benefit claims such as loans and sickness/maternity.


  • Convenience. No need for the client to issue check and physically deliver documents to the nearest SSS office or branch.
  • Secure. Contribution list is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to the client’s record.
  • Pre-validation process. The client will be able to determine invalid SSS account number and will be prompted to correct the error right away prior to payment.


  • Free! - No enrollment fee and no usage fee required
  • Easy to use - No installation, no programming needed. The bank will provide a walk-through process and assist you during the initial transmission.
  • Paperless - Submission of collection lists, employee master file is done electronically.
  • Convenient - Quick, user-friendly and available 24x7
  • Available 24/7 including holidays

TAX LINK or BIR Electronic Filing & Payment System (eFPS)

BIR-eFPS is a system developed and maintained by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for electronic filing of tax returns, including attachments and settle their tax obligations via the Internet.

The BIR Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) consists of two (2) distinct processes, namely e-filing and e-payment.

  • eFiling – means the process of electronically filing returns including attachments, if any to BIR.
  • e-Payment – The process of electronically paying a tax liability through the internet banking facilities.


  • Self-Validation Process – Errors are minimized because all of the information supplied by the taxpayer is validated before final submission

  • Reliable – The system pre-fills information and performs mathematical computations in certain fields such as total taxable amount and tax due.

  • Secure – Data transmission is encrypted and secured with SSL technology. System employs multi-level access control


  • Free! – No additional cost for taxpayers. Free of charge.

  • Paperless – No need for hard copy of BIR forms. No more storage of duplicate copies of documents

  • Convenient – Quick, user-friendly and available 24/7 (including holidays)

  • Real-time – information exchange is immediate and online, users get immediate feedback from the system when enrolling, e-fling or performing e-payments.

  • Walk-through Process – PBCOM will process your registration request upon submission of complete documents.

    • User IDs and Passwords will be emailed to the registered users.
    • The PIN assigned to the Final Authorizer will be printed in confidential paper

Bancnet Bills Payment

An electronic facility for the collection of bill payments from cardholders of BancNet member banks. Under the BancNet Payment System, BancNet offers:

  • BancNet ATM Facility
  • BancNet Online Facility
  • BancNet e-Merchant Facility (customized solutions for e-commerce websites)

BancNet serves as the transaction consolidator for the Company/ Billers that provides daily reporting, crediting and settlement to the Biller’s BancNet-member Depository Bank.


With more than 66 member banks and counting, BancNet is the largest ATM network in the Philippines. It enjoys the largest volume of transactions from its massive base of 8 million active cardholders.


  • Faster collection of payments
  • Faster updating of payments and reduction in error in acknowledgement of payments manually accepted over the counter
  • Greater cost-efficiency from reductions in administrative expense and minimization of hiring of collectors to process payment collections
  • Convenience of dealing with only one settlement bank for collection of payment


  • Accepts payment anytime, anywhere through Internet-enabled computers worldwide
  • Accepts all BancNet ATM cards
  • Free of charge, no transaction fee (depending on Biller)
  • Faster updating of payment record with Biller
  • Record of payment is assured because transaction is PIN based and debit transaction receipts are honored by the Biller.

Other Payment & Collection Services

  • SSS Pension Accounts
  • SSS Remittance Thru BancNet's EDI System
  • SSS SMEC Payments
  • Electronic Payment Settlement
  • Clearing of Foreign Bank Checks via:
    • Cash Letters (CL)
    • Bills Sent for Collections (BSC)
    • Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Demand Drafts (US$ Currency)
  • Foreign Telegraphic Transfer via MT 103
  • Dollar: Local Telegraphic Transfer via PDDTS-GSRT (Gross Settlement Real Time)
  • Dollar: Local Telegraphic Transfer via PDDTS-EOD (End of Day)
  • Peso: Local Telegraphic Transfer via EPCS (Electronic Peso Clearing Settlement)
  • Peso: Local Telegraphic Transfer via RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • BIR Online Tax Payment via EFTI's