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What happens to information I share online?
With the rise of social media, sharing personal information online has become second nature or even a habit for many. It is important to be aware that there are potential security risks involved with sharing information. These risks include identity theft and even burglaries. To protect yourself, your friends and family from these risks, refrain from sharing the following:

  • Anything you do not want shared: If you post something online, it always has the potential of being seen by someone you don’t want seeing it, regardless of the privacy settings you select. Anything you share online can be shared by someone else.
  • Passwords: Never share passwords online, even in a private message to a friend. If you have done this, change your password immediately.
  • Personal finance information: This is not limited to credit card numbers or PINs. What you might think are harmless Facebook comments could reveal a lot about your personal finances. Avoid talking about your personal finances altogether to avoid the risk of someone accessing your accounts.
  • Your address and phone number: Sharing this is a true way of opening yourself up to identity theft and burglaries.
  • Company information: Refrain from talking about your company online to avoid disclosing material information that has not been made public. Doing so could put you in serious legal trouble.