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Promo Period: July 1 – November 29, 2019

Participants: New and Existing Individual Clients of PBCOM

Participating products: Product Type: Starter Account, Quick Cash Account, Regular Savings Account (Personal, Payroll and SSS Pensioner), Regular Checking Account (Personal and Payroll), Value Check Account Personal and IntegrALL Personal.  Foreign currency deposit accounts are not eligible in this promo.

Minimum Deposit Requirements: Initial Deposit for New Clients: Subject to existing Opening Balance Requirement of the Product type opened

Participating outlets: All PBCOM Branches (92), nationwide

How to join: New and/or existing Individual clients of PBCOM who wish to participate in Lucky 8 Save & Win CASA Promo for individuals must grow their Average Daily Balance (ADB) by at least: PHP10,000 every month to qualify for the  monthly draw and PHP50,000 every month to qualify for the Anniversary and Christmas draws. Every PHP10,000 ADB growth will earn 1 raffle entry for the monthly draw and every PHP50,000 ADB growth will earn 1 raffle entry for the Anniversary and Christmas draws. A fraction of the above-mentioned ADB growth will not earn an entry.  

Actual ADB Growth of the client refers to the total ADB growth of ALL PESO SAVINGS & CHECKING accounts linked to the client’s Customer Information File No. or CIF No. 

Prizes: 8 winners of PHP8,000 Puregold (PG) or S&R Gift Checks (GCs) for the Monthly Draw; 8 winners of PHP80,000 Puregold (PG) or S&R Gift Checks (GCs) for the Anniversary Draw and Christmas Draws.  Schedule of draws and prizes are as follows:



Raffle draws will he held every 2nd week of succeeding month at PBCOM Tower, Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino, Makati under the supervision of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).  Winning raffle entries will be drawn via the PBCOM electronic raffle system or randomizer.

Winners will choose whether S&R or Puregold GC.  Branch of Account will contact client within five (5) banking days from draw date for the GC selection.

GCs are not convertible to cash.

For the monthly draw, Client can win only once in a particular month but can win again on succeeding month/s.  For the Anniversary and Christmas draws, Client can win only once in a particular draw but can win again on the succeeding draw.

Unpicked raffle number for each draw will still be qualified on the succeeding draw/s.

Account/s of the winning raffle entries must be active during the time of raffle draw.

Period of claim of prizes: Within 180 calendar days from date of raffle draw.  Unclaimed prizes within the said period will be forfeited in favor of PBCOM with prior approval from the DTI.

How to claim the prize: Client/Client’s representative shall claim the prize in their Branch of Account.

For joint accounts, prizes may be claimed by any one of the co-depositors

All employees, Management and Board of Directors of PBCOM and their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified to join.

PBCOMs decision with regards to promo mechanics, winners and prizes with the concurrence of DTI will be deemed final.