Give yourself and your wallet a break this Holy Week

Give yourself and your wallet a break this Holy Week

Submitted by 04361-2 on 24 March, 2021
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In recent years, during Holy Week, many of us would spend a fortune in traveling, going on vacations, or purchasing unnecessary items. More often than not, many would forget that the Lenten Season is really the time to reflect, and, depending on your level of devotion, the time to abstain from worldly pleasures.

In the Philippines, Holy Week means getting two extra days off, which we are free to spend however we want. But during this time of the Pandemic, we strongly encourage everyone to just stay at home and take this moment to really take a break, reflect, and recharge.

Here are some tips on how to observe the Lenten Season more meaningfully:


Traveling and going on vacations or stay-cations have already become a norm for most of us. But with all these travel restrictions, and the threat of the COVID-19 virus, it is best to rethink these plans these years and instead, spend it at home. Bonding with your family need not be expensive. You can always play games, watch movies, or simply share interesting and fun stories with each other. The most important thing is that you do it together, and keep that communication line open with each other.



Channel your “inner chef” and brush up on your cooking skills. Your meals during this holiday need not be super extravagant. Cooking simple, easy-to-prepare meals is both healthier and safer. You may also get your family to join you in preparing the meals, it may potentially be a super fun bonding activity that you can do together.


online shopping

During this break, there may be a lot of idle time. During these, many would surf the internet or browse through their social media accounts and be enticed of the many advertisements that they see. A lot would succumb to these temptations and click the “add to cart” button. Our advice is to refrain yourself from buying online, especially things that are not essential. Always ask the question: “Will I survive without this item?” If the answer is yes, then skip it and do not buy it. Whenever this happens, set aside the money you would have spent on your online shopping, and transfer it to your savings account. At the end of the Holy Week, you will be surprised by how much your savings account has grown in a span of a few days

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This coming Holy Week, let us not forget that the true essence of Lent is to reflect and repent. It is the time to recharge and to give yourself and you’re a wallet a much needed break.