Corporate Check Printing

Corporate Check Printing

Allows the corporation to create and print/release corporate checks on their own (Self-Service) or have the bank print & release the checks on their behalf (Outsourced).


  • Create a new Check Prepare transactions
    • Outsourced or Self Service Check Preparation
    • Manual Data Entry or via File Upload
  • Verify/Authorize/Release Corporate Check Transaction
  • View transactions that they made, verified, authorized or released
    • Export to PDF, Excel or CSV
  • Printing/Re-printing Self-Service Corporate Check transactions
    • Single or Multiple Check Printing
    • Print EWT
  • Maintain Check and Check Status
  • View Check Status
    • Export to PDF, Excel or CSV

How it works

  • Using any browser, log on to PBCOM Business Banking web site through the internet.
  • Upon login, go to Cash Management Services from the Menu.
  • Select Disbursement from the extended menu to the right and click Corporate Check.
  • Create a Corporate Check transaction manually or via file upload.
  • Select whether check printing is self-service or outsourced.
  • Select whether with or without digital signature.
  • Approvers will receive an email notification that a Corporate Check transaction is for their verification or authorization. 
  • Using any Internet-ready PC, smart phone or tablet, your company’s verifiers and authorizers access PBCOM Business Banking via the internet to review and approve the created Corporate Check transaction.
  • Once approved, corporate check is ready to be printed either via self-service or thru the PBCOM.  Check can also be reprinted.
  • Check maintenance is also available.  Checks can be put on hold, tagged as cancelled, spoiled, update to claimed status, etc.
  • EWT printing can also be done self-service or outsourced, with or without digital signature
  • Monitor status of Corporate Check real-time through PBCOM Business Banking Corporate Check Inquiry. Status update includes Printed, Released, Negotiated status.
  • Download the Corporate Check report in different formats such as pdf, xls, and csv.


  • The service is incorporated in the PBCOM Business Banking platform.  It is not implemented as a stand-alone PC application distinct from PBCOM Business Banking
  • Disbursements operations may be automated or totally migrated to PBCOM
  • PBCOM Business Banking allows printing of BIR Form 2307s or EWTs.
  • Real-time monitoring of corporate checks even if the service is outsourced to the Bank