Bale is a combined card product and salary advance facility that can be availed by PBCOM customers whose payroll account is under PBCOM. This facility gives customers the financial option to cover small and often unexpected spending by providing a short-term loan. Payroll customers may advance on their salary in the most convenient way by simply going to any PBCOM ATM and withdrawing the full or partial approved loanable amount.

Quick Reference

How can I enroll?

  •  Accomplish and sign the Bale Terms and Conditions. Then email a copy of the signed Bale Terms and Conditions to TBG Client Implementation and Support Unit at
  • Receive a notification via SMS that you have been pre-qualified to avail Bale. 
  • Enroll via PBCOM ATM where a pre-qualification screen will be displayed.


How can I avail the loan? 

  • Use your PBCOM Debit card at any ATM to avail. 


How much is the interest rate?

  • There is no interest rate. However, there is a fixed fee for every availment:
    • PHP 25 fee for every PHP 500 withdrawal amount or a fraction thereof for semi-monthly payroll.
    • PHP 50 fee for every  PHP 500 withdrawal amount or a fraction thereof for monthly payroll.

Product Features

One-time enrollment

  • You don’t need to sign a new agreement or enroll every time you want to avail the facility.


Unlimited re-availment 

  • You don’t need to call, text, visit the branch or enroll to re-avail. The approved loanable amount is valid until termination of employment or cancellation of the facility.


Available anytime, anywhere

  • You can withdraw at any ATM using your PBCOM debit card.


Payment via Salary Deduction

  • Your loan availment will be paid automatically upon payroll credit.


  • PBCOM payroll customers
  • Full-time regular employee
  • Receiving a fixed basic monthly salary with net monthly pay of at least PHP10,000


  • Availment Fee - The Availment Fee for each salary advance of PHP 500 is Twenty Five Pesos (PHP 25) , for employees under a semi-monthly payroll or weekly payroll, and Fifty Pesos (PHP 50),, for employees under a monthly payroll.
  • Collection Fee - If the employee-borrower fails to pay any salary advance when due, the employee-borrower shall pay the BANK a collection charge of Twenty Five Pesos (PHP 25) , for employees under a semi-monthly payroll and weekly payroll, and Fifty Pesos (PHP 50), for employees under a monthly payroll, every collection date until full payment of the unpaid salary advance.

FAQs, Terms and Conditions

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