Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds

Peso denominated Corporate Bonds are medium to long-term investments issued by SEC registered Philippine corporations. Corporate Bond issuances are rated by Philippine Rating Services Corporation, a domestic credit rating agency that is accredited by the SEC and recognized by the BSP.


Features and Benefits

  • Higher interest rates compared to Government Securities
  • Interest payments are credited quarterly or semi-annually to your PBCOM account
  • Available to individual and corporate accounts (i.e. corporations, banks, trust, insurance, etc.)


PBCOM Requirements

  • Account Opening Requirements with PBCOM (signed CIF/ROF)
  • Secretary Certificate, if corporate account
  • Client Sustainability Assessment Form
  • Risk Disclosure Statement

Third-Party Custodian Requirements

  • Notarized and signed Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to open custody account
  • Letter of Instruction (LOI) to 3rd party custodian

SEC Licensed Fixed Income Market Salesmen

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