Customer Protection

PBCOM's Financial Consumer Protection Program


PBCOM is determined to delight our customers with responsiveness. This is especially true with our vision "to be the most preferred and trusted financial partner through generations". With our clients at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that we nurture our relationship with them.

PBCOM provides "an enabling environment that protects the interest of financial consumers and institutionalizes the responsibilities of all stakeholders." The provisions in the BSP Circular 857 on Consumer Protection have already been complied with by PBCOM.


PBCOM Customer Protection and Experience Division
The PBCOM Customer Protection and Experience Division is continuously working on reviewing and improving our programs for financial education, fair treatment of all stakeholders, client complaint handling, and risk management.


We have implemented control systems to ensure secure and consistent banking transactions, whether through the branches or through digital channels. This is to safeguard our clients from security threats such as financial and personal identity theft. The risk of compromised cards and data thru illegal skimming devices is controlled by regularly checking PBCOM ATMs.


PBCOM enhanced the verification process across varied channels to protect our clients from theft of personal information. Processing of transactions adds a more secured verification and several layers of positive identification before assisting clients with their concerns.


With the continuous innovation of our products and services, PBCOM makes them accessible, understandable, clear and accurate by ensuring that all necessary and relevant information are available to our clients. Nevertheless, our clients have the right to be adequately educated regarding features, terms, systems and procedures, and inherent risks of bank products and services, including his responsibilities, and the right to be protected against fraudulent, dishonest or misleading advertising, labeling, or promotion, and to seek redress for misrepresentation, breach of contractual obligations, shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services.

Our branch personnel and Contact Center are trained to talk about financial matters, our products and services, and its risks so our clients can make informed decisions. They are also equipped with the knowledge and IT-supported technical capabilities to advice our customers on fraud prevention and other security measures, as well as procedures of reporting such cases and card-related concerns.

Advisories on information security threats are also being communicated to our clients through the website, social media, email announcements, ATM Advertisements and branch merchandising materials.



For any concerns, visit your branch of account, or contact the PBCOM Customer Contact Center at Tel No. 8777-2266 (Metro Manila) 1-800-10-777-2266 (Domestic Toll-Free) or the BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at Tel No. 8708-7087.


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