About POP Business

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POP Business

POP Business is the Bank’s corporate internet banking service that covers both intuitive and intricate cash management services ranging from basic liquidity solutions to services that deliver needed solutions to collections and disbursements requirements of any company.

POP Business is a web-based solution designed to deliver convenience, ensure pervasiveness in a short span of time as well as utmost security.

System Attributes

  • Fully customizable cash management services
  • Provides online, real-time responsiveness
  • User-friendly functionalities
  • Clean look & feel
  • Allows real-time, post-dated or even recurring transactions
  • Flexibility to create a single transaction, multiple transactions or transactions uploaded in batches

Security Features

  • Secure browser-based access through Internet-enabled computer via SSL with up to 256-bit encryption capability for users with Internet Explorer version 7.0 browsers
  • Makes use of Entrust’s Extended Validation Certificate to ensure that user is connected to the right PBCOM Business Banking site at all times
  • Employs Multi-Factor Authentication as required by the BSP
  • Allows creation of multiple users, multiple profiles, but each use having unique user IDs and passwords
  • Utilize dual control in user creation and access rights designation
  • Create your own workflow from a simple maker-authorizer workflow to a more comprehensive workflow that allows you to add a transactions verifier and a releaser of fund
  • Provides complete transaction logs and audit trails
  • Dynamic reminder of pending transactions on each log-in


  • Allows company users to efficiently handle any liquidity, collection or disbursement work even if they are assigned in different physical locations.
  • Better cash flow management
  • Allows outsourcing of non-core business activities (e.g. check preparation and issuance) without compromising security and control
  • Higher productivity, higher cost-savings