Escrow Agency Services

Escrow Agency Services

Escrow refers to an agreement between two parties where PBCOM-Trust, as a neutral third party that holds and releases the money, securities or properties until all the terms of the contract are fulfilled. 


Features and Benefits

  • Minimum of Php1,000,000
  • Security of assets
  • Provide protection from deceitful and fraudulent buyers and sellers
  • Real Estate Escrow – Buy and Sale of properties
  • POEA Escrow - To comply with POEA’s requirement in opening manpower agencies
  • HLURB Escrow - For real estate developers to start operations
  • BIR Escrow - Savings from capital gains tax on selling of primary residence


  • Available to individuals and corporations/companies



  • One (1) valid government ID
  • PBCOM Savings/Checking Account (Settlement Account)


  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-Laws
  • General Information Sheet
  • Board Resolution to open an account with PBCOM Trust
  • Government-issued ID
  • PBCOM Savings/Checking Account (Settlement Account)


Terms and Conditions

  • Trust Products are not deposit accounts and NOT insured by PDIC for P500,000.00. Trust assets are separate from bank’s assets. In case of bank closure, the Trust assets of the clients remain intact in the portfolio and may be sold/withdrawn or transferred to a successor Trustee bank at its market value. 
  • Yields are not guaranteed. Bonds and fixed income assets may have their respective indicative yields depending on maturity. However, these assets are valued at the end of each trading day for price transparency. All investments (except for cash and/or time deposits) are valued at market prices (MTM).
  • All Income/losses are for the account of the client.   Investments have their inherent risks. The higher the risk, the higher the return potential. It is important for a client to manage own risk by choosing the appropriate investment that would suit his risk profile.  
  • Historical performances are purely for reference purposes and are not a guarantee of similar future results. Prices may go up or down depending on several socio-political & economic factors and market sentiment. Analysts can only forecast or project based on data and possible scenarios but cannot accurately predict future outcome.