Our PBCOM Stakeholders,

The year 2022 will always be an important year in PBCOM’s history. On December 1, 2022, the Bank started operating as a Universal Bank, a goal we have set to achieve to reclaim back the status the Bank once held many years ago.

This milestone marked the fulfillment of all the strategies your Board and Management have put in place:

  • solidifying the foundation of our core businesses;
  • strengthening the 5 pillars of People, Products, Processes, Place and Partnership;
  • refreshing the Vision, Mission and reinforcing the values of PRIDE; and
  • rising above a pandemic situation and embracing banking in the new normal.

But becoming a Universal Bank is not the end goal, rather it sets the tone for the next chapter for the Bank. We exhibited continued growth from what we considered an exceptional performance of 2021. And we intend to surpass the performance year on year no matter what challenges may come our way. Because we are built to withstand these challenges, as we set our sight on opportunities and push forward, without losing sight of where we want to be.

This is not just a change in status. It opens up new opportunities and business models allowing us to grow from strength to strength. It is an affirmation of commitment to and from our stakeholders. We owe everyone this achievement and can only reciprocate by making PBCOM great once more. 

Thank you for all your support and contribution all these years, and let us continue to work hand-in-hand, in creating more meaningful milestones. Together We Grow.


Patricia May T. Siy, President and CEO