The President's Year-End Message

The President's Year-End Message

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Dear PBCOM family,     

And just like that it is almost the end of 2020.

2020 seems to pass us by so quickly. On one hand we are thankful because we hope with the turning of the year, a better 2021 awaits. On the other hand, we ask ourselves, where did our 2020 go?

I hope by now we all have learned valuable lessons that this pandemic has taught us. It is good to reflect on these during our holiday break. Personally, I have reflected the question and asked myself the lessons I have learned from PBCOM’s perspective. Topping my list are:

Be prepared. Just like the Scouts’ motto. Preparedness not just for this pandemic, but for any crisis like this that could come. We had very little time to prepare for this pandemic and we had to learn as it happened, and made adjustments along the way. In the end, I can say we did well. However, I believe that our preparation really started about 5 years ago. This was when we said we wanted to build a strong foundation for the Bank. A rebuilding that started with strengthening the 5Ps – People, Products, Processes, Place and Partnership. We revisited our Vision, Mission and specially our Values, and made sure we inculcated this to our people until it became our Culture. It was only after we had built a strong foundation did we firm up our Blueprint for growth. With this strong foundation, the crisis may have shaken us, but we did not crumble, and still stand tall and firm.

Always save for the future. Many have lost their jobs or other sources of income, properties and other possessions. Those who have set aside something during the good times, can look forward to tapping into savings and investments. Our Bank’s good performance is like harvesting the fruits of what we have planted a long time ago. The seeds we planted came from:

 • nurturing the relationships with our clients

 • the digital solutions that came very handy during this time when our online presences kept our services relevant

 • our processes, our risk and compliance mindset and

 • our people specially, whose commitment really came to manifest when faced with the difficulty of choosing to work despite the threats to their health and difficulty in logistics.

And even as we perform well this year, we need to save for the future, as we are not over the hump yet and we do not know the full impact of this pandemic. It is still better to remain prudent and be in a savings mode.

Competition is out there. The competition is strong, but it is out there and not here. Within PBCOM, we should build each other. If there is competition, let it be a healthy one that lifts up others and not push them down. We are as strong as our weakest link as I always say. If some units are weaker, let the stronger ones take the lead first and let us all support those in need. Time will come that they can recover and be back on their feet. If we have good ideas, put them forward and help these ideas be realized. Let us put ourselves in another’s shoes and let our intent to help be pure.

Let us not waver in our trust and hope. There will be better days. As long as we remain hopeful despite our fears and concerns, we can move on. Let our fear not cripple us, instead, let us use this fear to set our focus on the essentials and the priorities. Definitely, there is time for rest to recharge and emerge a stronger person, but the key word is to emerge back. If anyone needs help, never hesitate to call for the help. We all need to reach our goals together. Success becomes sweeter when shared with all.

Through all these months, one key factor that kept PBCOM strong was the human factor – our management and employees, our Board and shareholders, our loyal clients and partners. We truly feel the impact of our Values of PRIDE at work and how these have been put to good use. This service with PRIDE then rubbed on to our clients and partners who reciprocated with their continued trust and patronage. With these values clearly inculcated in every PBCOM employee, we can be quite certain that the successes for the next year or years to come will be within our reach.

As we take our break this holiday season, let us reflect how much luckier we are compared to many. Christmas is not about grand celebrations, expensive gifts and feasts, or other material manifestations. During this time, let us feel the true meaning in our hearts.

With a grateful heart, I wish you all a sincere Merry Christmas and may the coming new year bring hope, peace and blessings to you and your families.


Patricia May T. Siy

President & CEO