Account Services

PBCOM Business Banking’s Account Services functionality is a useful tool for efficient monitoring and management of your company’s bank accounts.

Through this functionality, you no longer need to call or visit our branch whenever you need account balances or transactions information. It provides you with online, real-time access to up-to-date information. In addition, Account Services allows you to move funds in between enrolled accounts as well as download information in various report formats



  • Transfer funds among PBCOM bank accounts immediately, on a future date (post-dated) or even set recurring transactions
  • Secure funds movement by enrolling bank account
  • Secure online, browser-based access to the service
  • Complete transaction and audit logs
  • Access to any PBCOM Business Banking solution
  • Secure access through internet-enabled computer via SSL with up to 256-bit encryption capability using Internet Explorer Ver. 11.0

How It Works

  • Using any browser, access PBCOM Business Banking web site through the internet.
  • Log on to PBCOM Business Banking, and select Account Services from the menu.
  • To check deposit account balances, select Account Portfolio from the menu.  The current account balances of your enrolled deposit accounts will be displayed.
  • To inquire on deposit account transactions select Transaction History from the Account Services menu.  Select which deposit account you would like to view from the drop-down list of enrolled deposit accounts.  Transactions from the current day up to the last 90-days can be viewed.
  • To download a copy of the account transaction history, while at Transaction History screen, select your preferred file format from PDF, XLS, CSV or MT940.
  • To transfer funds, while in the Account Services menu, select Fund Transfer–Own or Fund Transfer-Third Party from the drop-down menu.
  • Fund transfers can be created manually or by a convenient upload file option for bulk transactions.
  • Once properly verified and authorized based on your company’s preferred workflow, PBCOM Business Banking credits the beneficiary account online, real-time or on a scheduled date according to instructions given during creation of the transaction.


  • Optimized management of operating funds
  • Conveniently move funds among your PBCOM bank accounts
  • Get online, real-time information about your bank account to determine your cash position anytime
  • Facilitates quick reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Higher productivity, higher cost-savings