Dear PBCOM Family,    

We generally welcome September with gladness. Not only does it herald the start of the “Ber” months, which means we are just a few months away from the holiday season, for PBCOM in particular, it means a month-long celebration of our anniversary.

And this year, we are 82! Just when we looked forward to the start of another chapter after turning 80, this pandemic hit us. But then again, we count our blessings that the 80 years helped shape us to what we are now, especially the strong support of our owners and shareholders, clearer vision and mission, culture change through values of PRIDE, and stronger 5 Pillars of People, Products, Processes, Presence and Partnerships.

During this pandemic, the word GRIT became a buzz word in the business world again. GRIT is described simply as perseverance and passion for long-term goals despite experiencing failure and adversity. Perhaps this is what we have with us since we have been putting emphasis on Passion in our Values. Passion involves putting your heart and soul into everything. Without clear signs of when this will end, let us not despair if we seem to be not going anywhere despite our efforts. Let us consider this a time to test what we have in place and to continue to improve where we can. This is a time to learn new lessons and grasp new opportunities opening up.

We will all emerge better individuals after this, and our PBCOM will definitely emerge a greater organization after this. We have so much to expect for the future, and as long as we set our sights on that bright future ahead, what we are experiencing now is just a minor setback. Together, we will triumph.

Happy Anniversary and enjoy the activities we have lined up to celebrate this happy occasion.

Patricia May T. Siy
President and CEO