The President's Anniversary Message

The President's Anniversary Message

Dear PBCOM family,

In September of 1939, World War II was beginning to happen. This year, we are also in a “war”, but a different kind of war. While the war of 1939 was dividing the world, the current “war” we have is uniting the countries to discover the vaccine that will stop this pandemic.

In September 1939, amidst the turbulence, Philippine Bank of Communications was born. Now in September 2020, as we celebrate our anniversary amidst this pandemic, we are hoping to see a stronger banking industry, and a stronger PBCOM emerge.

It is through trying times like this that you separate the men from the boys, the strong from the weak, the winners from the losers. It is a call for all of us to think of the future. We may feel the lack of hope or frustration in the last months, but we need to fight this negativity and emerge positive. This is the time when we need our values of PRIDE more than ever and come out united.

We are 81 years today, and over the past years we had been through a lot. And yet, look at us, we are still standing strong. This speaks of the men and women behind this organization, the unwavering vision and mission, and the unparalleled values that are keeping us strong, as we live by our brand purpose of Together We Grow.

Indeed, we have to be Together, so we can conquer all these trials.

I thank my entire PBCOM stakeholders, our shareholders with their unwavering support keep us strong, our Board whose guidance point us to the right path, our SMT whose leadership steer the various groups to where we want to be, and our Clients whose loyalty sustained us through these years.  And my thanks most specially, to all our employees, third party service providers, you are all front liners the whole nation honors, with your unwavering dedication amidst these trying times, as you have kept the Bank in operation from day 1 of this pandemic. 

Happy Anniversary to one and all!


Patricia May T. Siy

President & CEO