Payroll Services

Payroll module allows you to more efficiently manage your company’s payroll function by providing you the means to securely transmit a payroll credit instructions file from your accounting system directly to PBCOM Business Banking over the Internet through the Payroll Module. Once uploaded on our server, payroll credit instructions are subject to the PBCOM Business Banking approval workflow, ensuring that your company authorizers approve all transactions before execution. This also allows authorizers to access the credit instructions over the Internet from any web-enabled PC, giving them unprecedented transacting mobility. After PBCOM Business Banking credits the deposit accounts of your payroll beneficiaries in any PBCOM branch, withdrawals can be conveniently made from any BancNet or MegaLink member bank ATMs.

Payroll Services


  • Secure, browser-based access from any Internet-ready PC using digital certificates and 256-bit encryption
  • Sophisticated authorization workflow design mirrors any instruction set your directors put forth on your    Secretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution.
  • Allows centralized control over the preparation, authorization, and crediting of payroll beneficiary accounts, which can be opened and maintained in any PBCOM branch for your employees’ convenience but still covered by the PBCOM Business Banking Payroll service
  • Online, real-time monitoring of payroll batch execution status
  • Complete transaction and audit logs

How it works

  • Using any browser, access PBCOM Business Banking web site through the internet.
  • Log on to PBCOM Business Banking and select Disbursement from the extended menu then select Payroll.
  • Upload the payroll file extracted from your company’s accounting system.
  • Select processing schedule either immediate, post-dated or recurring payroll crediting. 
  • Using any Internet-ready PC, your company’s verifiers and authorizers connect to PBCOM Business Banking via the internet to review and approve the uploaded payroll instructions file.
  • Once properly verified and authorized, PBCOM Business Banking credits your company’s payroll beneficiary accounts according to the payroll instructions received.
  • Monitor the status of payroll processing through PBCOM Business Banking to confirm accounts have been credited.
  • Beneficiaries can make withdrawals from any of PBCOM, BancNet or MegaLink ATMs even during non-office hours.


  • Efficiency gains and cost reductions in the processing of your company payroll from automation
  • Limitlessly extend the boundaries of your office by giving company officials involved in payroll processing unprecedented transacting mobility
  • Get immediate feedback on the status of payroll credits from any Internet-ready workstation.
  • Your employees can maintain their payroll accounts at any PBCOM branch more conveniently located for them.
  • Cash withdrawal convenience from any ATM in the Philippines or any MasterCard-enabled ATMs worldwide.

Corporate Cash Card

The PBCOM Corporate Cash Card offers a simple solution for your company’s disbursement needs, whatever size your business may be. It provides

  • A quick and easy way to pay out employees’ salaries, commissions & sales incentives
  • An efficient mode to disburse loan proceeds
  • A cost-effective & streamlined solution for recurring payouts & reimbursements
  • A means to monitor & manage employee per diem as well as travel & expense allowances


  • Choice to issue pre-embossed or personalized cards
  • Option to co-brand or choose a card design
  • Able to transact using BancNet and MasterCard channels
  • Regular reports to track crediting and balances of issued cards

The PBCOM Cash Card is not considered as a deposit product, therefore any balance stored on the card does not earn interest and is not insured by Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Fees and Limits

Request for new PIN Php 100.00 per issuance
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee Php 400.00
Dispute Handling Php 1,000.00
International Transaction Fee 3% of the total transaction amount
Card Replacement Fee Php 150.00
Maximum Daily ATM Php 50,000.00*
Maximum Daily POS  Php 50,000.00*
Maximum Daily e-Commerce Php 10,000.00*
*or its equivalent foreign currency based on the Bank's prevailing exchange rate of the day


ATM Fees:

PBCOM Cardholder using PBCOM ATM Free Free
PBCOM Cardholder using other Bank’s ATM Other Bank’s fees apply Other Bank’s fees apply
Other Banks’ Cardholder using PBCOM ATM PHP 2.00 PHP 18.00
MasterCard ATMs abroad USD 1.00 USD 3.50


    Protect your Card and PIN

    • Immediately sign the signature panel on the back of the card upon receipt
    • Nobody should know your PIN except you. Do not share it and your PBCOM debit card to anyone
    • For your protection, immediately change your PIN at any of our ATM machines upon receipt of your card and PIN
    • When changing your PIN, do not use numerical combinations that are easily determinable such as number series, birthday, etc.

    Cash Card Terms and Conditions, FAQs

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    Cash Card - POP Enrollment

    PBCOM Bale

    This facility allows payroll customers to advance on their salary in the most convenient way by simply going to any PBCOM ATM and withdrawing the full or partial approved loanable amount.

    Any regular employee with at least Php 5,000.00 net monthly pay whose payroll account is under PBCOM may avail of Bale. There are no interest rates, only a fixed availment fee of P50.00 for employees under a semi-monthly or weekly payroll, or P100.00 for employees under a monthly payroll.

    To know more about this product, please click here.

    PBCOM Bale Terms and Condition, FAQs

    Terms and Conditions
    Frequently Asked Questions