ASM 2021 Chairman's Message

ASM 2021 Chairman's Message

To my fellow Shareholders,     


The year 2020 has been a difficult year for the country especially with the Philippine economy experiencing setbacks which have raised a lot of challenges for various businesses. A lot of enterprises have been forced to change the ways with which they operate, with one common goal in mind: survival.

Your bank, PBCOM, has faced numerous challenges in the past, and if there’s one thing that our rich history has proved, it is that we will get through this in an even better position than before it started. While others have seen this crisis as a stumbling block, we saw it as both a challenge and an opportunity to grow.  With the lessons that we have learned from the past, along with PBCOM’s financial strength, I am confident that we can continue to support our clients and stakeholders amidst this crisis.


2020 witnessed the launch of products and services specifically designed to enhance our clients’ banking experience. We have actively invested in digital capabilities and improvements to enhance our ability to serve.  


In order to ensure that we continue to serve the needs of our clients despite the quarantines imposed by the government, we have implemented a number of changes on our banking operations.


We strive to strike a balance between business continuity and the health and safety of our employees and clients. We have diligently followed the health protocols enacted by authorities and initiated and implemented safety measures within the organization.


PBCOM continued to strengthen the development of employees and brought further competencies on the job by facilitating various training programs and seminars. We have also conducted various employee activities and programs which helped keep our team motivated and engaged.

As you will see in our 2020 Annual Report, we have kept our business momentum from the last few years on an upward trend. With all of these changes, along with all the opportunities ahead of us, we will strive to deliver an improved customer service and optimum business results in the coming years.


Eric O. Recto