Login ID, Password and PIN Security

Login ID, Password and PIN Security

Submitted by administrator on 23 October, 2018
Information Security

Why is it important to keep Login IDs, Passwords and PINs secure?
Login IDs, passwords and/or PINs are commonly used to validate one’s identity when a person accesses a system. These must be kept secure to prevent unauthorized access to systems, websites or applications, so as to protect confidential or personal information, as well as prevent unauthorized use or transactions. 

How can I keep my information safe?   

  • Never share your password or PIN with anyone
  • Change your password or PIN regularly
  • Change your password or PIN immediately if it has been compromised or made known to others
  • Avoid writing down your passwords, or at the very least, do not store passwords or PINs in publicly accessible areas
  • Use strong passwords. These are passwords that are difficult to guess, either by another a person or even a computer program

How can I make a strong password?

  • Passwords should be at least eight characters long
  • Include a combination of numbers (12345…), symbols (!@#$%...), and both uppercase (ABCDE…) and lowercase (abcde…) letters
  • Avoid including your username, real name or company name
  • Avoid using easy-to-guess personal information such as addresses and birthdays