Financial Horoscope 2024: What's in Store for Your 2024 Chinese Horoscope?

Financial Horoscope 2024: What's in Store for Your 2024 Chinese Horoscope?

Submitted by 03946-2 on 5 February, 2024
Financial Horoscope 2024

Here are some financial horoscopes store for you this 2024, guiding you through the celestial influences on your journey. Let the stars illuminate your financial path and unveil opportunities for prosperity. 

Financially, the Rats will obtain the assistance of the auspicious star of "San Tai". They will get a bumper income from their full-time jobs or businesses. Especially compared with previous years, it will show a straight-line upward trend. In terms of wealth from sideline sources, the Rats may get unexpected fortune from time to time. However, they should maintain a calm and peaceful mind, instead of screaming because of surprise or overjoy, because emotional volatility may affect the stability of their personal fortune.


Financially, as a result of the influence of the ominous star of "Guan Suo", the Ox may suffer financial losses. So, while they are striving to make money, they should take good care of their personal asset. If they buy financial products for investment this year, they should put safety and prudence on top priority. This year, their relatives and friends may borrow money from them. The Ox should not lend all the money out without prudence, otherwise it will be very unlikely for them to take the money back.

Financially, the Tigers will be affected by the ominous star of "Diao Ke" in 2024. Not only they themselves, but also their relatives and friends may have health problems. This will bring about a certain amount of financial loss. This year, they will have plenty of bills to pay, and their houses where they live in may be prone to serious accidents, why requires money for repair. In addition to ensuring a stable salary and income each month, the Tigers should not be too lazy and idle in their spare time, and they can look for some sideline businesses that are suitable for them.


Financially, the Rabbits will have a lot of bills to pay in 2024. Their capability in making money is often very weak and they like splurging, which will cause a heavy financial burden to themselves. Under the influence of the ominous of "Hui Qi (bad luck)", ominous events will happen to the Rabbits one after another. When they go out, they may lose their wallets, or be targeted by thieves and robbers, and they may lose their expensive jewelry or jewels. In 2024, the Rabbits who intend to buy financial products for investment must put safety and prudence at the top priority.


Financially, under the influence of the ominous star of "Jian Feng", both the Dragons, their family and friends may encounter bloodshed accidents, and they need to spend money in handling the accidents. The Dragons must raise the awareness of safety precautions, urge the relatives or friends around them to protect themselves. In terms of making money, the Dragons always aspire to make large sums of money in a short time through big investment and financial management projects, but this year there will be no way to make their wishes come true, and they may even lose all their capitals into their businesses. Therefore, in 2024, they must be down-to-earth in making money.