Saving for Modern-Day Heroes

Saving for Modern-Day Heroes

Submitted by 03946-2 on 7 August, 2023


Our modern-day heroes are proof that not all heroes wear capes. Often, they are everyday citizens putting in several hours a day to teach our children, care for our loved ones, or ensure our environments are safe and clean. Here are some tips for our modern-day heroes to help them be more financially responsible with their hard-earned money:


Establish a budgeting system.

Keeping track of your bills and savings is crucial to being financially literate.


Use the public transport!

Reduce your expenses on taxi or transport network vehicle service (TNVS) fees by commuting to work earlier than usual and utilizing public transportation.


Stick to your shopping list! 

Before heading to the grocery, write down a list of all the products you plan to buy. Try to stick to this list of necessary items to avoid paying extra.


Bring your own food! 

Packing your own lunch for work even just a few days a week can help cut down your expenses in the long run. 


You deserve as much care and attention as you provide for those around you. For everything you do, we salute all the modern-day heroes!