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Submitted by 04361-2 on 31 January, 2023
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With a lot of online shopping apps like Shopee, Lazada, Shein, Zalora and the like. It is so easy to spend a lot on buying a lot of things. You won’t ever have to go out of the comfort of your home just to buy these things, all you have to do is click on your mobile app for a few times and your items will be delivered at your doorsteps.

However, this convenience may not always be positive. Because it became so easy, some people may tend to spend more than what they can pay for, and end up in a balloon of debt, which in the first place, may not always be necessary.

Here are a few tips you can consider when shopping online to avoid this mistake:

Online shopping tip #1. ASK YOURSELF, DO YOU NEED IT OR DO YOU JUST WANT IT? When clicking that “add to cart” button, it is important that you pause to think if what you’re buying is a necessity or it is just nice to have. Needs are the things you can't get by without, food, important household items, and the like. On the other hand, Wants are things that are nice to have but not absolutely necessary like decorations and such. Always ask yourself, is this important? Do I need to spend this much on this item? For your needs, go ahead and check out the item, but for the wants, best to defer checking out and think twice before buying.

Online shopping tip #2. USE YOUR DEBIT CARD AS MODE OF PAYMENT. When your credit card is saved on your shopping apps as a mode of payment, it is so easy to fall into the habit of checking out anytime you want. Then, lo and behold, you have maxed out you credit card limit! You can avoid this by saving your debit card instead of a credit card. This way, you will only be able to pay for purchases you can actually afford because the limit is only equal to how much you have on your bank account.

Online shopping tip #3. WATCH OUT FOR SALE ALERTS. It is always good to buy during sale season. Discounts are always welcome because you’re able to save a considerable amount. Also, check pricing history to know if the deal you're eyeing is in fact a good sale.