Lines of Business

Lines of Business

We structured the business segments in line with our philosophy of client care and satisfaction.

At every business size or at an individual level, PBCOM provides holistic integrated solutions that can fulfill your diverse needs. We have targeted them towards areas where we can best deliver value. But as we grow as a company, we also endeavor to evolve with you and your aspirations.

Corporate & Commercial Banking
The Corporate & Commercial Banking Group supports customers ranging from small to medium enterprises and large corporates, with tailored financial products and services to enable them to reach their full potential in the industries and communities within which they operate. The Group provides short-term loans, term loans, domestic & international trade facilitation, and foreign exchange services, as well as, develop customized financial solutions that include project financing for medium and large corporates.

Treasury Group has 3 main functions. First and foremost is the management of the Bank’s Assets and Liabilities to ensure adequate liquidity in the most optimal way. Second, Treasury is responsible for formulating and executing trading strategies in the Fixed Income Securities and Foreign Exchange markets. Lastly, Treasury provides qualified clients access to financial products for their investment and/or hedging requirements to manage their Foreign Exchange or Interest Rate risks.

Trust & Wealth Management
Trust and Wealth Management Group has different investment arrangements or products that can suit the needs of the market.  For individual clients, PBCOM offers a wide range of Trust services like: Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) for the retail investors, Personal Management Trusts for those who want to plan for the future and current needs; and, Investment Management Account (IMA) for the more sophisticated investors who want to maximize returns. While institutional accounts are supported through its portfolio management services for Retirement Funds and Institutional IMAs. Escrow Arrangements and other fiduciary services are available to complement financial issuances or other safekeeping structures.

Transaction Banking
Transaction Banking Group is responsible for managing the Bank’s client-facing digital infrastructure and developing a roadmap for technology driven products and services that supports the business needs and growth of the Bank. The segment serves both retail and institutional clients; offering cash management solutions and other products and services that extend the clients’ capability to perform banking transactions across alternative channels.


RETAIL BANKING GROUP is composed of two (2) major business groups: The Branch Banking and Consumer Finance groups.

Branch Banking
The Branch Banking Group (BBG) consists of Branch Sales and Branch Service both handled by BBG Group Head. For Branch Sales, Business Center’s Sales are handled by Business Managers and Region Heads across the country while Branch Service, consisting of Service or Cash Officers and their Service Associates being handled by Regional Service Managers and reporting to the Branch Services Head handling the overall supervision of the service team.  They are backed up by MIS, Process and Systems Support, Transaction Banking Sales and Support, People Development and Product Marketing and Development. The Group is focused on funds generation, providing excellent customer service, SME and Commercial Loans, Cash Management Solutions, and overall growth and development of the branch footprint nationwide.

Consumer Finance
The Consumer Finance Group provides practical loan solutions that balance quality and affordability. The group focuses in offering clients complete loan products and packages that meet their financial needs at every touchpoint.