Total Outstanding Shares

Share Information


Shareholdings Structure

Capital Structure

Authorized Capital Stock PHP 19,000,000,000.00
Number and Classes of Shares of the Authorized Capital Stock 760,000,000 common shares
Designation or Title of Each Classes of Shares Common Shares
Brief Description of the Rights and Privileges Attached to Each Class of Shares Full voting rights and all other rights attached to common shares
Number of Shares Issued and  Outstanding 480,645,163 common shares  with 1 treasury share
Amount of Subscribed Capital PHP 12,016,129,075.00
Amount of Paid-Up Capital PHP 7,489,113,875.00
Par Value PHP 25.00 per common share
(i) Number of Shares Listed with the  PSE 283,522,069 common shares


P.G. Holdings Inc. 181,080,608 37.674%
VFC Land Resources, Inc. 59,241,438 12.325%
Eric O. Recto 66,529,427 13.842%
Ralph C. Nubla, Jr. 51,779,374 10.773%