Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills (Tbills) are short-term investments issued by the Philippine government through the Bureau of Treasury. These bonds carry minimal risk and are originally issued with tenors of 91 to 364 days.


Features and Benefits

  • Short-term low-risk investment
  • Higher interest rates compared to other time deposits
  • Can be purchased or sold in the secondary market through SEC-licensed Fixed Income Salesmen
  • Interest earned is guaranteed by the Republic of the Philippines regardless of price fluctuation during the life of the bond
  • Available to individual and corporate accounts (i.e. corporations, banks, trust, insurance, etc.)


PBCOM Requirements

  • Account Opening Requirements with PBCOM (signed CIF/ROF)
  • Secretary Certificate, if corporate account
  • Client Sustainability Assessment Form
  • Risk Disclosure Statement

Third-Party Custodian Requirements

  • Notarized and signed Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to open custody account
  • Letter of Instruction (LOI) to 3rd party custodian

SEC Licensed Fixed Income Market Salesmen

Licensed Salesmen



These bonds carry minimal risk and originally issued with tenors of 3 to 25 years.