Debit Card

PBCOM welcomes you to the improved and more secure EMV Debit Cards.

Get to know your EMV Debit Card

The EMV Debit Card is more secure.

The microchip embedded in the card generates a unique code that establishes the authenticity of the card and the integrity of the card data. This helps prevents card cloning and cardholder data theft.      

The EMV Debit Card can be used abroad.

Withdraw funds and pay for purchases in different establishments that display the MasterCard or BancNet logo, here and abroad.      

Use your EMV Debit Card everyday!

Withdraw cash and pay your bills from Bancnet ATMs in the Philippines. While abroad, withdraw cash from any MasterCard-affiliated ATM worldwide.
Pay for purchases in department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and other merchants. Use it in the Philippines and abroad, anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.
Use your EMV Debit Card to pay for purchases online. The merchant may ask for the three-digit card security code located on the upper right-hand corner of the signature panel at the back of your card.
Pay for your airfare, accomodation, dining expenses and shopping while abroad. The EMV Debit Card is all you need when you travel.

Protect your card and PIN

  • Immediately sign the signature panel on the back of the card upon receipt
  • Nobody should know your PIN except you. Do not share it and your PBCOM debit card to anyone
  • For your protection, immediately change your PIN at any of our ATM machines upon receipt of your card and PIN
  • When changing your PIN, do not use numerical combinations that are easily determinable such as number series, birthday, etc.

Debit Card Terms and Conditions, FAQs, Fees and Limits

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