Post-Dated Check (PDC) Warehousing

Post-Dated Check (PDC) Warehousing

PDC Warehousing enables you to outsource to PBCOM the custody, monitoring and deposit of post-dated checks (PDCs) to your collection account on due date. As one of the Bank’s premiere collection solutions, PDC Warehousing will simplify the back-end of your credit and collection process as we unburden you of the tedious and time-consuming activity of keeping a complete, safe, accurate inventory of PDCs and depositing the checks on due date. With PDC Warehousing, you can redirect your staff to perform higher value and core activities in accounts receivable management as they focus more on evaluation of credit terms and policies, and improving collection efficiencies. Upon receipt of your uploadable file and the PDCs, the PDC Warehousing will provide you online, real-time access via the Internet to your warehoused PDCs for your day-to-day cash flow planning.


  • Secure, browser-based access from any Internet-ready PC using digital certificates and 256-bit encryption
  • Online, detailed and comprehensive check status reports
  • Real-time information via the Internet
  • Pull-out and extension services
  • Guaranteed credit of checks to collection account on due date
  • Downloadable reports in multiple file formats

How it works

  • Log on to PBCOM Business Banking using any browser.
  • Go to the Cash Management Services then select PDC Warehousing in the Collections menu.
  • Create PDC warehousing transaction either manually or by uploading a file particularly for bulk transactions. 
  • Deliver physical checks to your PBCOM branch for review and warehousing.  
  • Proceeds of checks are automatically deposited to your collection account on due date.
  • Monitor status of PDCs online, real-time.
  • Generate and download reports of PDC status in various file formats.
  • PDC Warehousing is also capable of handling check pull-outs and extensions or deferred deposits. Your PDC inventory will automatically reflect maintenance activities on such PDCs.


  • Centralized collection account provides better funds control and disposition.
  • Reduced overhead cost due to process improvement
  • Safe custody and handling of check collections
  • Up-to-date reconcilement ensures continuity of normal trade cycle.
  • Ideal collection tool for companies which accept multiple check payments over a period of time for settlement of trade payables