PBCOM 3D Secure



What is PBCOM 3D Secure (3DS)?

PBCOM 3DS is an added security feature that protects your PBCOM Debit/Cash Cards when making a card-not-present/online purchases. This is powered by MasterCard SecureCode.


How does PBCOM 3D Secure work?

You will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) whenever you make a purchase from a MasterCard SecureCode participating online merchant.   By submitting a valid OTP, this will confirm that you are authorized cardholder and your purchase will be completed. Otherwise, the purchase will not go through.


How do I receive the One-Time Password (OTP)?

The OTP will be sent to you via your registered mobile number on record with PBCOM.


How do I know that the 3D Secure is activated with my PBCOM Debit/Cash card?

The PBCOM 3DS is activated to all issued PBCOM Debit/Cash cards.


Is PBCOM 3D Secure easy for online shoppers to use?

Yes. Online shoppers simply enter the OTP on the online merchant’s payment page to authorize and process your payment request.


How do I know whether an online merchant/shop participates in MasterCard SecureCode?

Most participating merchants will display the Mastercard SecureCode logo on their site. However, even if you don't see the MasterCard SecureCode logo, the merchant may still be a participant and you will be prompted to provide your OTP


Will I be able to make purchase at merchants that accepts MasterCard, but are not participating MasterCard SecureCode?

Yes, you can still make purchase from these non-participating merchants. However, you will not be asked for your OTP. 


I made a purchase from an identified Mastercard SecureCode online merchant but why did it not ask for a valid OTP for me to authorize my payment? 

The Mastercard SecureCode participating online merchant has the option to either require you an OTP or provide you a seamless experience.


How much can I purchase from online merchants using my PBCOM Debit/Cash Cards?

The assigned maximum e-commerce purchase limit for the following:

  • PBCOM Cash Card – Php10,000 per day or its’ foreign currency equivalent
  • PBCOM Debit Card -  Php50,000 per day or its’ foreign currency equivalent

However, please note that your card is still subject to a daily aggregate limit. Please call your branch of account to know your daily aggregate limit.


Is there a fee for making purchases using the PBCOM 3D Secure?

This additional security on your PBCOM Debit/Cash Cards is free for use.


I have more inquiries about PBCOM 3D Secure, who can I call to assist me?

For more information, you may call our Customer Care hotline at +632 8777-2266

Or visit any PBCOM branches near you. Our PBCOM Branch Personnel will be happy to assist you.