Secure your savings through PBCOM's LTNCD

Secure your savings through PBCOM's LTNCD

2018 has been a volatile year for the Philippine financial markets. With the Philippines Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) dropping from a record high of 9,078 in January to a year-low of 6,923 last June and some uncertainties in the foreign exchange market, the investment scene has seen better days.


During these volatile times, it helps to have an alternative financial solution that secures your hard earned savings while generating an attractive and competitive return. With the Philippine Bank of Communications’ Long Term Negotiable Certificates of Time Deposit (LTNCD), investors are given an option that possesses these exact features.


PBCOM is currently offering clients its 5.5Y LTNCD at an indicative rate of 5.375% to 5.625% with the final rate to be set on September 28, 2018. This is a good, tax-free*, alternative investment that provides investors with regular cash flows from quarterly interest payments and the chance to shift away from more volatile investments. The LTNCD will be listed with the Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corporation on October 8, 2018.


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*for qualified individual investors